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Jensen Healey Parts Catalog database

Online database which allows you to view the parts information for your Jensen Healey. This database is geared and filtered based on the information you supply about your vehicle. Please specify the Engine #, Chassis # (aka Vin #), Transmission Type, Carburetter Type and click the Filter button to get started. The engine number is generally in the form of ## - ### - #####. This database uses the final segment of the engine number. JH Engine numbers (according to the chassis manual start at #17 and go through #11311).

If you need to buy parts try contacting Delta Motorsports in the US and Martin Robey in the UK.

Filter Criteria:
Engine # Chassis # Transmission Type Carburetter Type  


Plate RefJensen #DescriptionQuantitySupplier #SupplierRemarks
 92077Tonneau kit1  Up to chassis 13349 (S.B. JH 202/2 refers)
 92078Tonneau kit1  Up to chassis 13349 (S.B. JH 202/2 refers)
 92215 Body primer    
 92216Glass primer    
 94028windscreen modification kit1  From chassis 10354
 97103Cover - soft top1   
 97104Bag - soft top1   
 97190Tonneau kit1  From chassis 13350
 97212Tonneau cover1  From chassis 13350
293015counterbalance spring2   
491437soft top fabric1  Up to chassis 11927
492836soft top fabric1  Fromchassis11928
591436HEADER PANEL ASSY1  Up to chassis11927
592835HEADER PANEL ASSY1  From chassis 11928
693004locking handle R.H.1  Up to chassis 11927
693005locking handle L.H.1  Up to chassis 11927
697102locking handle R.H.1  From chassis 11928
697181locking handle L.H.1  From chassis 11928
765252screw - handle to panel4   
891438Seal - header panel to screen1   
965708Screw - soft top fabric to frame2   
1065553Washer - nylon - fabric to frame2   
1165504Washer - plain - fabric to frame2   
1265304Cap nut - fabric to frame2   
1391431Velcro strip - quarter panel L.H.1   
1391432Velcro strip - quarter panel R.H.1   
1491433Velcro strip - door shut pillar2   
1566351Rivet - pop - strip to body15   
1665120Screw - soft top to body6   
1765504Washer - plain6   
1865604Washer - spring6   
1991554Stud fastener - soft top to body5   
2066351Rivet- pop5   
2197209Retainer - soft top rear2   
2265720Screw - retainer to body4   
2692175Plate - tapping - soft top mounting L.H.1   
2692176Plate - tapping - soft top mounting R.H.1   
2792219Frame - windscreen outer top1   
2890111Glass - windscreen1   
2992220Rail - outer bottom1   
3066015Screw - rail to body_self tap7   
3165730Screw - outer frame13  Up to chassis 10354
3166651Screw - outer frame13  From chassis 10354
3292226Glazing rail - bottom1  Up to chassis 10354
3366357Pop rivet   Up to chassis 10354
3492227Bracket - screen support3  Up to chassis 10354
3592213Glazing strip - glass to frame13   
3692214Glazing strip - bottom rail to glass    
3792218Frame- screen inner1   
3892351Rubber seal - outer bottom rail to body1   
3992583Glazing compound - outer frame to screen15   
4092157Sealing angle L.H.1   
4092158Sealing angle R.H.1   
4192150Sealing rubber -'A' post2   
4291235Catch plate and bracket L.H.1   
4291236Catch plate and bracket R.H.1   
4365120Screw - catch plate to frame4   
4465604Washer - spring4   
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