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Auto Restoration Estimation Calculator

Getting a rough idea of the cost to restore a project.

NOTE: No online calculator can appropriately gauge both the condition of a vehicle and the aptitude of the restorer. This calculator is intended solely as a gauge for rough idea estimation of cost. The intent of this is to ensure understand that it will almost always cost more to restore a vehicle than to purchase an already restored candidate. While the calculator is designed to account for some novice underestimation, I recommend that you always err on the side of caution with the questions below.

Vehicle High Retail Value (get it here) $
Project Vehicle Condition
Type of Restoration
Project Vehicle Purchase Price $

Mechanical Functions (i.e. everything that isn't body/paint/interior)

Unless you own or work for a machine shop the maximum amount of this you can perform is 90%. If you are a novice rebuilder you will most likely farm out at least 50% of this work.
In terms of parts, always guess higher than you think. Internal small parts that wear out are always far more expensive than you anticipate they will be.

Percent of the work you will do (Be Honest!)
Percent of mechanical parts needing replacement

Body, Paint & Interior

Here's another reality check. If you will have someone else doing your body and paint, then the body work, prep and paint will be at least 75% percent of the work here.

Percent of the work you will do (Be Honest!)
Percent of parts needing replacement

Purchase Price (carried down) $
Estimated Mechanicals Cost $
Estimated Body, Paint & Interior Cost $
Estimated Total Restoration Cost $
Realistic Total Restoration Cost $

I found my project how do I proceed?

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